Online Dating Survey Girls Only Near Victoria’s Secret Bond Street

Late August midday in Bond Street central London near to Victoria’s Secret new mega store.

Our AdultzDir.Com roving reporter Mandy was out and about doing a girls only mini Online Dating Survey

Mandy met with twenty girls ranging in age from late teens to early forties. Mandy kept the survey to any nationality but all the girls looked around average weight and height. The purpose of the survey was sex and online dating, hence Mandy did not interview any overweight or relatively unfit looking people.

Each girl was asked three questions!

Q –  Have you had sex this week?  and if so! How many times?

A – The 3 homely girls had no sex – the 8 Milfs said the question was silly as why do Milfs dress up if they are not looking for sex! – 3 oriental girls looked at Mandy as though she was mad – and said where we come from in the Orient sex is an all day everyday business – 6 girls said they had just bought new  frisky knickers at Victoria’s Secret and expected to get shagged the first time they try on the new suspender belts and G-strings.

Q – Do you use online dating sites and if so Are you a member of Very Naughty Dating and/or Saucy Dating

A – All 20 had used online dating sites – the 8 Milfs were all members of Very Naughty Dating and/or Saucy Dating –  3 oriental girls wanted to join the sites – 3 homely girls said they would join to find Love – 6 Girls said can we find NSA sex in online dating sites.

Q –  Anything that you are particularly looking for in an online date?

A – 6 Girls said Money – 8 Milfs said Big Dicks – 3 homely girls said Love – 3 oriental girls said UP2U!

Online Dating Survey Girls Only Near Victoria’s Secret Bond Street…

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