New UK Craze Go To Co-op Supermarket and Get a £99 DIY Divorce Kit

Can you imagine the scenario a typical UK married couple team up together to do the weekly shopping at the local Co-op Supermarket – an argument breaks out – the wife gets the hump – they get to the checkout still arguing – the wife is incandescent with rage and asks the Co-op Supermarket checkout girl for a £99 DIY Divorce Kit! The husband reigns down a few expletives at his soon to be ex Mrs and leaves her with the shopping cart complete with the £99 DIY Divorce Kit! Then he turns with one final ‘Up You!’ as he hurries off down the local pub to tell his mates about his on the horizon divorce thanks to the Co-op Supermarket and the poxy £99 DIY Divorce Kit!

How ridiculous has society become that a leading UK supermarket chain like the Co-op feels the need to start selling £99 DIY Divorce Kits!

Here is an official take on the story as viewed by The Daily Mail UK – quote –

Buy one… set one free: Co-op supermarket to offer bargain £99 DIY divorce kit
•    For hard-pressed families who can’t afford lawyers
•    Pre-nuptial agreement for a slightly more pricey £950
•    Campaigners say it risks making break-ups too easy

The Co-op is to start offering do-it-yourself divorces at the supermarket for just £99.

Shoppers will be able to start quickie divorce proceedings while they pick up a pint of milk or bunch of Fairtrade bananas.

Those soon to get married will be offered the chance to sign up for a pre-nuptial agreement, for a slightly more pricey £950.

Convenience: Co-op will offer £99 divorce kits at all its 2,800 branches
Attribution to The Daily Mail UK

Time for the Co-op Supermarket to do a reality check on the company marketing policies!

New UK Craze Go To Co-op Supermarket and Get a £99 DIY Divorce Kit…

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