New Female Gender Stereotype Sex Related Busted By Scientists

 Sex related stories preaching gender stereotypes, particularly when thoroughly analyzed by scientists, make everyone’s delight. And still, there is nothing more pleasurable than such a stereotype busted by science, like this one of women’s casual sex preferences.

 The general perception accepted by everyone until not too long ago was that men are both more interested and more likely to have casual sex, as opposed to women, who need intimacy, confidence and a deeper connection with their sex partner. As part of the “Mars and Venus” theory, trying to indicate how women and men are from different planets when it comes to sex, this prejudice has been on the market for much too long.

 Things are about to change because of Dr. Terri Conley, a renowned researcher at University of Michigan, who currently seeks to determine particular situations in which gender differences in terms of casual sex attitude are no longer available.

 Terri Conley claims that there are only two things that can make a woman be more reluctant to engaging in no strings attached sexual relationships: the fact that she generally anticipates less pleasure than men do, which makes occasional sex less appealing, and the general stigma that society puts on more libertine women.

 The theory promoted by Conley is that women can be very responsive to casual sex if they can fairly anticipate an increased sexual satisfaction. Men are known to orgasm more often and much easier while they are also less picky in choosing a sex partner. Therefore, if a woman expects to be satisfied, she will have no reasons to reject a fling.

 With other words, this study aims to put women sexual responses in a new light, indicating that rather than the assumed conservatism, it is their own filter the one to determine whether a guy deserves their company for a night or not. With the society evolving within the past decades, it is unfair to now assume that women will directly reject such proposals and men immediately embrace them.

 A research dating back from 1989 by Clark and Hatfield revealed how, inside a college campus, women and men were solicited to make each other casual sex proposals. The result was that all women rejected such suggestions while men only rejected them in a percentage of 25, 30 tops.

 Conley started her research in 2011 by following Clark and Hatfield’s premises slightly adjusted. Her results showed that women in general launched the sexual offers in a more luscious and appealing manner as opposed to men, who were less delicate in suggesting casual sex.

 Moreover, Dr. Terry Conley discovered that women were less responsive to the idea of having sex with a best friend from the opposite sex but only when they were not asked to evaluate the sexual capabilities of those potential sex pals. Once this issue introduced, women and men scored very similar results.

 After all, it turns out that everything a man has to do in order to get into a woman’s pants is to first convince her that he’s very good in bed. After that, casual sex is sure to come!

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