Michael Prozer Gets 8 Years Prison for ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ Lies

The tale of a nondescript dude Michael Prozer full of his own importance with a penchant to embroider the truth as he touted lies to embrace his desire to feed  his need to elevate his hubris into a mainstream lifestyle  of wealth and opulence built on lies and deception.

Embellishing untruths about his wealth brought about the downfall of Michael Prozer, he waxed lyrical about how rich he was on the US TV show ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ but he was quickly exposed as a nickel and dime potless poseur who lied as he wanted to attract the attention of young women in the hope that his boasts would kick the relation fast forward into a sexual union.

Michael Prozer made the claim that he was worth over $400 million USD  to get showcased on the Bravo’s reality  show – ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’

Then when this     ploy got him onto the show as a contestant. Michael Prozer then used that as a leverage factor  when he approached  – quote –  Fedor Salinas, a Wachovia Bank employee, to falsify documents and provide them to another (now-defunct) bank in Georgia for the purpose of securing a $3 million loan. Forbes reports Salinas earned $25,000 from Prozer for his work (and got caught — he pleaded guilty in April), while Prozer pocketed the $3 million. – Attribution to Court Report and/or Forbes.Com

But the Feds then moved in to investigate Michael Prozer and they finally got the grifter into court where he was convicted. This week, Prozer was sentenced to eight years and six months in federal prison, for seven federal crimes, including conspiracy and wire, bank and mail fraud.

After he serves his sentence, Prozer will be deported to Ecuador…

Michael Prozer Gets 8 Years Prison for ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ Lies…

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