Members of Online Dating Sites Check Continuous Payment Authority

So here is a typical scenario in UK a  man or woman decides to join an online dating site but they are only looking for say a six month paid experience so they pay by credit card month on month. Then after 6 months they are not happy with the service and/or the dates!  So they want to quit and who knows maybe move onto a new site like Very Naughty or Saucy Dating where they are assured of more dates and better service.

But here is what happened with this lady – quote –  Lucinda Taylor, of Hammersmith, west London, signed up to online dating agency last December on a six-month contract totalling £89.

Six weeks before the contract expired on May 30 she told Match she would not renew it – only to discover later that another £89 had been taken for six more months and that her details were still pinned up on the website.

Lucinda, 39, a secondary school teacher, says: ‘I emailed to cancel the contract because there was no phone number on the website. It was only when a friend told me my details were still on view that I checked my account with the bank. It was shocking to discover they were continuing to take money. I then had to order the bank to put a stop to future payments but the dating website has kept the cash.’ – Attribution to The Daily Mail UK

They got trapped by the small letter print terms and unknown to them they were locked into a Continuous Payment Authority gateway that will keep billing the CC Credit Card but will not let you close the account and remove the dating profile…

Caveat Emptor : Buyer Beware!

Members of Online Dating Sites Check Continuous Payment Authority…

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