Marjane Satrapi Chicken With Plums Fascinating English Edition

French novel and film by author Marjane Satrapi has been released in English and it is an impressive read, here is a brief review

Chicken With Plums by Marjane Satrapi in English

The storyline is an embroglio of love – passion – intrigue – love – art and ultimately disappointment. I very much doubt whether we have the intellect and panache that is needed to give justice to the effervescent way Marjane Satrapi conjures words then compiles scenarios that are woven in dramatic theater. May one say as simply as going to a rural area of France where one finds an engaging old lady who is an excellent cook and you ask her to make a meal starting  with Chicken With Plums.

Right the pan is simmering and it is time to add to the mix :-
•    Nasser Ali, a renowned Iranian tar player
•    A wife who destroys his beloved instrument
•    Chicken With Plums one more portion as the raison d’être
•    The perils of Iranian immigration to California
•    Troubled family life
•    Slow suicide

Now that is as far as our intellect reaches into the spellbinding novel ‘Chicken With Plums’ to see how the complete recipe is formed buy now – new in paperback from Pantheon

The first novel by the same author was the block buster animated film  ‘Persepolis’ a 2007 French animated film based on Marjane Satrapi’s autobiographical graphic novel of the same name. Many Iranians are highly alert individuals who often blend seamlessly into western cultures while at the same time pellucidly woven into the rich mystique, culture and heritage of Iran the homeland.

Marjane Satrapi Chicken With Plums Fascinating English Edition…


Marjane Satrapi – meaning –  42 Years old Iranian-born French linguist her native Persian complemented by fluency in English, Swedish, German, French and Italian. Renowned as multi talented contemporary graphic novelist, illustrator, animated film director, and children’s book author – Attribution to AdultzDir.Com

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