London Olympics Horror Sensation Spanish Water Polo Player Breast Nips Out to say Hi on live TV

This story that has sent the London Olympic organizers into blind panic a TV camera by mistake caught a live take of either :-
•    The biggest naked breast to be seen to date at the 2012 London Olympics
•    The perkiest most alert bare nipple to be seen on live TV in 2012
•    The largest tit ever seen live in any Olympic event since TV first broadcast

This horrifying incident that is being referred to by reporters as the ‘Chapel Hat Pegs’ alert incident

Some comments that have been emailed in about the ‘Chapel Hat Pegs’ incident :-

Golders Green Jewish Rabbi Association – More was the call we demand more exposure now, this incident is received with warmth and appreciation that you had the temerity to broadcast such a big f**king NIPPLE – NB In our religion we normally never swear but WTF that Spanish Water Polo player has f**king BIG TITS!

The Sun Page 3 – Rumor not validated and/or verified – Name that girl now we have a big spot for her in The Sun Page 3!

The girl owner of the – Biggest Naked Breast – Bare Nipple –  Largest Tit –  is believed to be Spanish Water Polo player –  DO YOU KNOW HER NAME – Post comments below and name the girl – Thanks!

That anything so alarming and horrifying being allowed to happen in 2012 is beyond belief and comprehension. Is there a hand of conspiracy involved if so the finger points directly to the  Golders Green Jewish Rabbi Association!

London Olympics Horror Sensation Spanish Water Polo Player Breast Nips Out to say Hi on live TV…

Chapel Hat Pegs – meaning – A northern term used to describe a woman’s head lamps when on main beam  – more – I saw this girl, it was so cold she had nips like chapel hat pegs – Attribution to UrbanDictionary.Com

Golders Green Jewish Rabbi Association – Fictitious name with no connection to any bona fide religion – Attribution to Adultzdir.Com

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