London Mobile App Salesgirl Collision With Large Manhood Leads To Addiction

This is a true story from early July 2012 we have changed the character names for reasons of privacy

Sam aka Samantha  a coltish 26 year old with a divine 34-22-34 chassis, a bright girl doing well in her career leading a sales team of eight selling mobile phone apps. Cute dresser with a hidden private  agenda she loved to shave her flange!

Moving along to a bar in Kensington for after work early evening drinks. Sam was sat at the bar with two girls from work, when into the bar walked this black haired ‘Clothes Horse’  dude who looked maybe Spanish or Italian. He parked his body near the girls and ordered a Vodka Tonic heavy on the ice.  Some chit chat banter started and the dude introduced himself as Andreas but my English nickname is ‘Big App’ at which Sam cracked out laughing! Andreas was puzzled and said  – quote –‘Why are you laughing?’ Sam said – ‘Oops no offence I sell mobile phone apps that is why I laughed – why are you called ‘Big App’

Cocky pretentious Andreas then straightened his back and breathed in before he said – ‘Because I have a Large Appendage!’ More giggles from Sam as her hidden bald flange moistened up she gasped and said  – ‘Oh really how big is that then?’ Fast forward three hours back at Sam’s apartment in Kilburn with Andreas in tow – Sam had no idea yet on how big is big but was soon to find out. Andreas stripped off and posed in front of the still dressed Sam. ‘OMFG what the f**k is that, that is not big it is ENORMOUS!’

Roll the clock forward two weeks Sam has not been seen at work for three days as she is staying home as she is by now addicted to ‘Big App’ and his enormous cock. The morale of the story for all girls to watch out for, do not get addicted to penis, always put work before getting your flange pounded!

London Mobile App Salesgirl Collision With Large Manhood Leads To Addiction…

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