Lindsay Ellingson with the Forever Young Ass

The delightful Victoria’s Secret supermodel Lindsay Ellingson had a wardrobe malfunction back in November 2011 when on the catwalk wearing a really really tight, head-to-toe red leather body suit then guess what there was ripping sound and the red leather number split and out popped her naked left arm elbow. Then guess what no one took any notice of the bare elbow as every man and his dog was fixated on her Forever Young Ass – arguably one of the cutest tightest posteriors in the world.

This girl has showcased her derriere on all the top catwalks in the world for several years now yet she is still only 27 and what a body – but her tut is just simply magnificent. If anyone questions our judgment about her delicious butt then they either do not know what they are talking about – or need to pay a visit to the opticians and get some eye glasses.

Let me tell you that an image Lindsay Ellingson in a pinky g string type thong accentuated some of the most sublime bottom cheeks that I have ever seen. Tight – taut – not an ounce of cellulite – told no airbrushing to the image – maybe the image was so raunchy as nearby was a knob a door knob that is!

This Victoria’s Secret veteran has one of the finest vintage asses in the world that just gets tighter – perkier – sexier – saucier – sweeter and dare we even say this on here dang go on then let’s open up – millions of men just simply want to bang the ass of this supermodel

We reckon this girl has one of the best butts showcased to date in 2012 on Sexy Rear!

Lindsay Ellingson with the Forever Young Ass…


Lindsay Ellingson was showcased in Jacques Olivar’s Forever Young photobook 2012

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