Japanese Asses are Ichiban

Yes guys it is now official – Japanese Asses are Ichiban ala Japanese Bottoms are Number One! Plus if you do not believe us here at Sexy Rear that’s fine but do not let Formula 1 star Jenson Button here that, as his long time girlfriend is stunning Japanese model Jessica Michibata.

But let’s dispel once and for all the myth and/or the old wives tale that infers that many Japanese vaginas are positioned left to right. That is 100 percent not true they are positioned  upright but of course if you engage in oral intercourse with a Japanese girl and lick and slurp her both up and down and slop around down there moving your tongue from left to right. Then in all probability you will have pressed all the right buttons and the girl will want to stay around as your permanent lover as Japanese girls just love to have their pussies licked. We know guys that it is sloppy work but always remember someone has to do it! So may as well be you, after all when you take on the task on a permanent basis. Most Japanese girls will be happy if you go down there 3 to 4 times every day to mop out – as many of  these oriental girls have fannies that leak! Hence a regular licking fixes the leaks.

For all our readers who are intellectuals we need to point that in Japanese society there are two types of plumbers the one’s for fixing the drains and pipes et al.  Then there is the stay at home lover and/or husband who will act as the ‘Leaking Fanny Licker’ he is in fact not the traditional plumber but what the heck he does a tremendous jobs fixing leaks!

Did we explain that well or do we need to leak some more words into the area that is oh so close to the fabulous traditional Japanese female buttocks.

Japanese Asses are Ichiban…

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