Israelis Tukhus Showcased in Sexy Rear

There is often no finer sight to be seen on  the beaches of the Middle East and around the shores of the Mediterranean Sea than to see nubile young Israeli women showing off their Tukhus. Usually and we say this from sightings they are usually pert – taut – sexy and varied in proportion to the rest of the body!

To put that into guys terms as popular as Psy is in Korea with Gangnam Style – the girls in Israel are just as popular in Tel Aviv et al because they are not a craze like Gangnam Style they are here for the duration and dare we say they represent some of the finest butts we have ever seen in the whole world!

So when you see a lady or teenage girl from Israel check out her behind – we believe you will get an eye full that turns you on!

As our valued readers of Sexy Rear know we are on a mission to bring to you girl’s butts – from all over the world across five continents. But hey we have news for you we are likely to run some more Israeli Tukhus because quite simply they are outstanding and we need to bring you more butt images from these beautiful women from the Middle East…

We acknowledge that our job is one of the best in the world – but like all jobs there are issues – like the predicament we are in right now we should be leaving Israel and skipping on to Lebanon – but here is our problem we do not want to leave BEHIND the Israeli Tukhus…

Israelis Tukhus Showcased in Sexy Rear…


Tukhus – meaning –  buttocks, bottom, rear end from Yiddish tokhes, from Hebrew taḥath – Partial Attribution to Oxford English Dictionary

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