Inked on my Anal Sexy Rear Tattoo

We have been searching for great new content on Sexy Rear but not much has been around as it has all been porn – porn and  more porn. Needless to say as our valued regular readers know that adult stuff is not for publishing on ‘Sexy Rear!’

But this showcased image is not what we want to see in Sexy Rear – hey girls have a good look we hope you are now shocked and as for the crude words in the ink – quite simply – objectionable! No one is going to get a reaction let alone an erection looking at that!

This is latest fashion fad in the inked world and the  street talk is direct and straight to the point they just say – quote – ‘Anal Tattoos for Assholes’

Charming we cannot endorse and support such a crude acronym but that is the world we all live in today – we just report – you decide!

So how long will this trend go on anal inking – who knows – but one thing we know girls is get inked there and it is on for life – so no inking when you are out of it and/or partying as you may live to regret getting a tattoo  on your ass!

You have been warned girls –  Please take note of what we have to say at ‘Sexy Rear!’

Why do we care – easy – we just love sexy bottoms and sans ‘Anal Tattoos for Assholes’ is just the way we like our bottoms!

We are always on the lookout for none porn images but there is always a dearth of material because most folks are into filth  – meaning they only look at hardcore porn. Fine nothing wrong with that but our popularity is down to showcasing racy raunchy sexy bums! That is our forte and that is the bottom line with us!

Inked on my Anal Sexy Rear Tattoo…


Tut – meaning – great word is it not! Thai word for bottom – ass – derriere – booty – bum et al – Attribution to SexyRear.Com

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