Hot Russian Derrieres

One of the many great pleasures of an English summer is to get out and about on the UK high streets and shopping malls and get an eyeful of all the eye candy decked out in summer gear!

Which often means micro hot pants like in the showcased image of two Russian beauties with butts that leave very little left to imagine – after all it is all there to see two perky taut east European bottoms.

Oh how we love England in the summer any day now and we have Wimbledon 2012 a true almost unequalled bubble butt extravaganza. This week has been Royal Ascot and dare one say it – oh go on then some of the posteriors have been majestic!

Up and coming is a derriere highlight when London welcomes the world to London Olympics 2012. Thousands of athletes and hundreds of thousands of fans and keen supporters. London will be awash with – Tuts – Culos – Natiche and all the many other delightful names from around the world for the sexy rear.

Back to the fabulous Russian butts in the featured image – Are the nubile young wenches twins as they are wearing identical matching ‘Hot Pants’ Phew it is getting hot around have to go now – thanks for reading – I am going over onto Very Naughty dating profiles to find some cool chick with a ‘Hot Ass!’

Hot Russian Derrieres…

Russians in London – meaning – London is one of the great cosmopolitan cities of the world and one can see every nationality in the world in London Town including of course several thousand Russian girls and women. Welcome to one all – the majority are hot! Hey guys many Russian girls have profiles on Saucy Dating and Very Naughty dating sites – Check them out – IT IS FREE TO JOIN!

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