FSOG Outsells Harry Potter and Da Vinci Code as Sales Top 5.3 Million

It is official the UK United Kingdom is entrenched and immersed in ‘MommyPorn’ with sales figures topping  5.3million copies of Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James. It seems like a large percentage of the public are bonking or should we rephrase that reading how to have exciting BDSM style sexual intercourse. It is a rising to the occasion phenomenon whereby the housewife reads FSOG while the hubby is at work. Then fast forward to early evening the husband returns home expecting his wife to have spent all day working out how to cook ‘Bangers n Mash’ for his evening meal. The tired man of the house walks into his home to be met by his wife topless flashing new red crotch less panties with suspenders and black fishnet stockings. Then to the husband’s surprise his trousers are unzipped and in less than five seconds his trouser sausage is being sucked and slurped by the Mrs. OMFG time to take a deep breath all this is a happening because the Mrs has been reading Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James.

Now here is the official line
•    50 Shades of Grey is now the UK’s best-selling book since records began.
•    FSOG Outsells Harry Potter and Da Vinci code
•   Fifty Shades of Grey is causing BDSM sexual mayhem throughout millions of homes in UK

Plus it is causing  retroactive impact as publishers have jumped on the raging BDSM – ‘MommyPorn’ band wagon and have re-released thirty year old book Shirley Conran’s Lace

But there is more FSOG is number one in a trilogy of books by E.L. James – Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed, have sold around 3.6 million and 3.2 million copies respectively.

FSOG has sent UK into sexual auto pilot and one has to now wonder when will the rampant BDSM stop!

FSOG Outsells Harry Potter and Da Vinci Code as Sales Top 5.3 Million…

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