Fashion Con UK Tabloids Airbrush Big Bottoms

What was for years something special to look forward to in the UK Tabloids was the sight of pretty girls with svelte sexy derrieres oh the joy they used to bring to my coffee break. Then for me it all turned pear shaped as the butts got bigger and bigger and out came the photoshop airbrush to remove all the wobbles and the cellulite. But for me the damage was done when the UK Tabloids decided large boobs and large asses was what people wanted to see. However as far as my buddies and I are concerned UK girls are not all about huge bubble butts. No sir, the majority of men in UK want to see catwalk style derrieres – beautiful – taut and oh so sexy rear.

But the wants of millions falls on deaf ears as huge assed slappers like Imogen Thomas are all over the smutty UK press. Well we have seen enough it is not pretty – it is not news – fashion is ignored and the airbrush is used liberally to deceive the eye. The mags are in on the humongous sized tut act too like – Front – FHM – Loaded and many more have all jumped on the huge bottom syndrome.

We are gobsmacked by this over exposure of asses that in reality would float around and move like jelly – like the recent image of the back end of Paul McCartney’s new 51 year old bride – with no airbrushing let me tell you it was not a ‘Pretty Sight!’ That butt alone moved more times in ninety seconds than an animation movie moves in 90 minutes.

So what are we going to do about it – nothing – they will not listen while they are advised by boilers like Jordan and the like – where is the gorgeous Kate Moss when you need her most!

Fashion Con UK Tabloids Airbrush Big Bottoms…

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