Famous Butts from the Sixties

Famous Butts from the Sixties

Let’s roll back the years to reveal some amazing sexy rear ends from the 1960 era

Gina Lollobrigida – 1927 to Present – Italian film star who rocked the paparazzi she was sex on legs with a fine European – Culo. Some dudes who got to see this amazing Culo undraped included an array of suitors in her own words direct from Gina Lollobrigida – quote – ‘I studied painting and sculpting at school and became an actress by mistake …. I’ve had many lovers and still have romances. I am very spoiled. All my life, I’ve had too many admirers.’

Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot – 1934 to Present – In her hay days this amazing French film star was not beautiful she was much more than that she was – STUNNING! With a body that had sex running through every vein replacing the blood as suitors – lovers – admirers – and movie stars formed a queue to see who could whip off her risqué panties and expose one of the finest French derrieres the world has ever seen.

Marilyn Monroe – 1932 to 1962 – Brought her cool butt into play with almost anyone famous who wanted to make love to this iconic film goddess her derriere was felt by a host of lovers including JFK – President John Fitzgerald “Jack” Kennedy even Marlon Brando was having a look in there too via the back door. This girl was a busy girl some pundits even saying – quote – ‘Has had more pricks than a secondhand darts board’ – Wow! If that is so her ass got to see an awful amount of cocks!

Liz Taylor – 1932 to 2011 – Perennial English beauty with a divine ass maybe due to the fact that the daily lower body exercise routine brought her ample bottom into play as it got worked over for decades by eight official husbands and a host of intermittent lovers who pounded and hammered away near one of the movie legends greatest assets her meaty posterior!

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