Fake Plastic Surgeon use cement in buttocks enhancement surgery

Fake Plastic Surgeon uses Cement for buttocks enhancement

Cement in buttocks surgery

Oneal Ron Morris claimed to be a plastic surgeon and allegedly offered low-cost household operations to sculpt sexy buttocks, fuller cheeks and luscious lips for clients in the US state of Florida.

Using fake credentials, Morris is accused of using a dangerous mix of cement, an aerosol for flat tires and Super Glue to get results

Embarrassed victims have begun to emerge and are helping investigators gather evidence against Morris, a man who lives as a woman and apparently injected himself with the same toxic mix.

“We have continued to receive calls from several victims… many of them transsexuals, but for now there are two cases confirmed,” William Bamford, spokesman for the Miami Gardens Police Department, told AFP on Tuesday.

After a lengthy police search, Morris and his assistant, identified as Corey Alexander Eubank, were arrested last week on charges of practicing medicine without a license and causing bodily harm. The two are currently out on bail.

According to police, Morris performed operations in hotel rooms and homes in south Florida.

Morris is accused of injecting clients, mostly members of the transgender community, with a cocktail of toxins that included mineral oil, and sealed the incision with household adhesives like Super Glue.

source/full story; www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5j9-pJVf6aRdrr607XBUzvWCsLZbw?docId=CNG.3451b62ed873024d6ff264dd35e9178e.11

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