Emily O’Hara may have a Crack at X Factor

Having a crack at X factor

21 year old Sun Page 3 model Emily O’Hara is raved about by millions of UK men because she has a big pair of knockers but there is in our opinion another stunning feature on this girl’s sexy body. The back end crack in the cheeks of her ass is awesome! With that in mind and the name of Wayne Rooney coming to mind there has been a lot of recent publicity going round that Emily O’Hara is a Manchester United WAG – now we cannot confirm that but after looking at the crack in her ass one more time – the possibility that some of the boys in red from Manchester having been sniffing around in there again in our opinion could well be true as some tool or tools may or may not have been doing some foraging around that beautiful butt.

Now guess what the tool has jumped out the bag and wait – It is Tom Cleverley who has been there, now Tom might be out on loan to Wigan Athletic but he is still on the United books.

So we can now confirm that Emily O’Hara is a Manchester United WAG. We now take note that now she has been banged by a Red Devil we are pretty sure that before Tom Cleverley did the deed and got his tool out he at first checked out her splendid derriere!

Now finally the question that remains unanswered is Wayne Rooney the next tool in the toolbox that will be attending to that crack in her ass! We do not know but we are sure interested to find out.

Meanwhile the 21 year old Liverpudlian model is in line for an appearance on the X Factor

Emily O’Hara may have a Crack at X Factor…

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