Elite Derrieres Spotted Near London 2012 Olympics Village

Oh my elite derrieres on elite athletes are thronging the areas both on and off the London 2012 Olympics Village site and neighboring manors.

Now that we have been informed by the UK national press that many of the G4S security staff cannot spot a nail bomb sat on a scanner. We have to ask the very risqué question will the G4S security staff be able to spot a nail bomb strapped to the shorts on an elite derriere on any young women in the vicinity of the London 2012 Olympics Village.

We are fully aware that millions of men will be wanting to nail the derrieres but that is a ridiculous statement and is euphoria that is caused by men’s reaction to getting a butt full of eye candy!

We do not want to dwell on the negative press surrounding  London 2012 Olympics security company G4S but at Sexy Rear this security issue is a big problem that we want to get to the BOTTOM of! We want to see female butts aplenty at the biggest event in London town this century, yes splendid bubble butts not cigarette butts  hanging out of the mouths of Polish born guards who work for the official games security company G4S.

It is essential that the security of tens of thousands of either clothed or undraped Asses on young women are not compromised due to any security negligence after all the young ladies are looking for a package but the package they have in mind is not  a ’Nail Bomb’ they are focused only on engorging an ‘Erect Penile Package!’

Elite Derrieres Spotted Near London 2012 Olympics Village…

G4S – meaning – G4S plc (formerly Group 4 Securicor) is a global security services company headquartered in Crawley, United Kingdom. They are the official Government appointed security contractors for the Olympic Games in London 2012.

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