Down Under is where the ‘Eye Candy’ Botties are as the Aussie Summer Begins

The Aussie Summer is starting which means ‘Eye Candy’ botties on the beaches up down and around the coastlines of Australia. So what can we expect – well millions of Aussie girls which means all sizes both big and small are catered for! But dudes that specialize in pert Oriental bots have no fear most beaches will have a plethora of bottoms with the degree of pertness which is exclusive to many Asian races. Then you have the crème de la crème ala like Aussie tennis star Jelena Dokic these butts that originate from Eastern Europe are built to accommodate big nails if the needs must – these derrieres are both renowned for beauty but also as a shall we say ‘Power Bottoms’ Best to round off by saying a bottom for all action and all occasions

When the sun comes out – out come the bums – but let’s not kid ourselves bottoms down under in Australia are just that as being located in the southern hemisphere – means that there is acute upward atmospheric pressure on bottoms. This works this way on the beaches on girls who wear skimpy bikinis and one piece swimwear which wraps around the nether regions with little more than a thong like or G String like support. In fact there is no support in the southern hemisphere and the atmospheric pressure splits the bikini panty or similar asunder and parts the ways to the sexual heaven in a way many may see as obscene and vulgar.

We take an opposite view to this phenomenon  and openly admit that the main reason we frequent the beaches in Australia is so we can go ‘Gusset Watching’ all the young girls and the outstanding number of Milf’s many who have unbelievably beautiful asses and gussets to lick for. In our opinion there is no finer sight than seeing a bikini bottom that has become securely lodged in the gateway to intimate paradise. Many Australian beach lotharios say that many such similar scenes can only be rearranged when a big nail is lobbed into the mix! Umm does it always have to be a big nail?

Down Under is where the ‘Eye Candy’ Botties are as the Aussie Summer Begins…

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