Detoxamin Chelation aka Prostrate Activation

Everyone like the rubric? If it has you puzzled it has me perplexed as the two descriptions were on the billboard outside a massage parlor in Asia. So I ventured into the place to be welcomed by six hot thai girls they all looked young – they turned out to be two 19 year olds – two twenty year olds – one at 23 and one 32 who was the mamasan.

Lesson number one never believe the rubric on the billboard. For me it was too late one of the 19 years old was undoing my shirt, the 23 year old was unzipping my jeans! I said – ‘Hey girls stop I do not want any of you going in my backdoor!’ Giggles and laughs all round then up chirped a 20 year old – Don’t worry Mister the signs on the billboard are only to get you in the door if you are not up for the – Detoxamin Chelation aka Prostrate Activation – that’s fine we can massage you and then if you like extras! We do hand or mouth jerk and squirts – or if you want full sex with one or both of the shaven 19 year olds that’s fine. As we say in Thailand UP2U!

I will not bore you with the rest, better to just sign off saying I spent the best part of two hours shagging both the 19 year old cock slaves!

Detoxamin Chalation aka Prostrate Activation…
Mamasan –  The lead lady manager always found in all Asian massage parlors and/or girly bars – brothels and the like. The mamasan cares for the girls and negotiates all the money transactions. Female pimp who runs a brothel.

Detoxamin Chelation – meaning – ‘I have been suffering from heavy metal poisoning for a long time. I tried DMSA chelation for 18 months with no results. I started using Detoxamin Chelation Suppositories about three months ago and have had amazing results so far. I was nearly confined to a wheelchair due to the pain in my legs, but the pain is much, much better now. I had been experiencing severe pain in my entire body, but that has now been reduced. In addition, I had numbness and tingling that had been driving me crazy for a long time; it is also much, much better now.
Detoxamin is working great.’
Katherine Chilcote, West Chester, PA – Attribution to

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