Derriere – The sexiest part of a woman’s body

1 in 4 men said bottoms is their favourite part of a woman’s body

Sexy Derriere

Sociologists have stated that we are locked deep in a cultural phase where a woman’s shapely derriere is the most revered part of the female anatomy. To review a few other past cultural examples, in the 40’s the most popular female anatomy was a woman’s legs or gams, in the 50’s it was a woman’s breasts or bosom, in the 60’s, it was a woman’s natural hairy bush, in the 80’s it was the woman’s flat sexy tummy and belly button.

This decade is about the derriere and everything that is beautiful about a woman’s peachy
cheeks. What enchants us about a woman’s bottom? A woman’s derriere has artistic beauty. The female derriere
has been commemorated in renaissance, classic and modern art, in sculpture, in photography and in fashion. The
shape of a woman’s bum is unmistakable and mesmerizing. Men feel the sexual pull and power of a woman’s derriere,
not only when a woman is naked, but also when a woman is clothed in something alluring and sexy. It’s not just
that we have a fetish for a woman’s ass, but there is something mysterious in our collective cultural appreciation
for the derriere. Think of some of the hottest celebrities, models, WAGs, glamour girls and other women whose
bums are lusted for, from Kim Kardashian to Pippa Middleton. It isn’t just the large derriere that is admired
in our culture, but derrieres of total perfection.

Another interesting aspect of the derriere obsession is that the derriere is unabashedly and totally revealed in
our culture by women showing off their sweet cheeks in thong bikinis, in lingerie catalogs such as Victoria’s Secret,
in gratuitous shots from behind featured in celebrity tabloids, on websites devoted to a woman’s ass.
In other eras,
the female anatomy that was considered most titillating, such as a woman’s ankles in the Victorian period, was considered forbidden to reveal, and the forbidden aspect made it all the more titillating. In the case of a woman’s derriere, no matter how much the bottom is exposed in any media, men don’t seem to be tired of seeing and appreciating female derrieres. In fact, this exposure seems to feed their frenzy for the fanny.

There is even a beauty contest for the hottest derriere held annually in Brazil, featuring the most beautiful Brazilian
women in thong bikinis showing off their “assets” for the lucky judges. There are clothes, from jeans to panties, to skirts made just to show off a woman’s ass to attract male attention. There are songs written about women’s booties and how they should be shaken in such a way to excite men. Women often purposely wear high heels to push out their plump rumps and walk
in a more sexy strut to tease and tantalize men. There is plenty of sexual slang circulating with names for the derriere from “junk in the trunk” to “whooty” to “cushion for pushin'” to Cockney rhyming slang for the fanny and more. But the classiest and most enduring word for a woman’s tushy is the French: derriere.

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