Danish Girls Have World Class Bootys

Scandinavia has a well deserved global reputation relating to the outstanding beauty of the women who all in the main have bums that well they are the stand out features of these north European maidens

What makes these girls so popular is that they are like Vikings they travel all over the world – the beaches of the Mediterranean are crammed with thousands of Danish girls – the many Spanish nudist beaches are a magnet for the girls from Denmark to show off beautiful butts au natural – plus of course the major fashion catwalks of the world always showcase outstanding butts from Denmark!

Denmark Profile

The Kingdom of Denmark is a country with a large land mass but in comparison a population of only approx 5.5 million people. This proud nation has a very strong economy and extensive welfare system wherein the country enjoys and thrives on low unemployment. But to repeat one more time the beautiful women and their showcase exquisite derrieres! That is the facts and relates to how Sexy Rear views Denmark and Danish Girls which is invariably from the ‘Bottom Up!’

Top Danish Fashion Models

•    Helena Christensen
•    Rie Rasmussen
•    Maria Gregersen
•    Maria Sten-Knudsen
•    Anine Bing
•    Freja Beha Erichsen
•    Plus many more too many to list…

Then from Sports comes

•    Caroline Wozniacki, born 11 July 1990 in Odense, Denmark. Is a Danish tennis player of Polish origin. As of 17 May 2010, she is the third ranked female tennis player in the world. She is the only Danish woman currently in the Top 500 on the WTA Tour. She has won 7 WTA Tour events and was the runner up at the 2009 US Open.

Have we sold you on the divine beauty and posteriors of the Viking girls from Denmark – remember one more time – Sexy Rear views Denmark and Danish Girls from the ‘Bottom Up!’

Danish Girls Have World Class Bootys…

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