Courtnie Q Buttalicious Plymouth Petrolhead

Courtnie Q aka Courtnie is a 20 year old cutie from Plymouth who is fascinated with cars and has been doing some model shoots where she is seen in cars and car boots. But Courtnie Q has been experiencing a whole raft of wardrobe malfunctions.

In one image the petrolhead imp was sat in the boot of car and Courtnie Q was wriggling and moving around outrageously then just as the local RC Priest was passing by her titties perked out like two chapel hat pegs from beneath a barely there tank top.  Suffice to say the Priest did what any Father would do he stepped ten paces forward to get a better view – only for the saucy tramp to turn and shove her bare ass towards the now excited employee of the Vatican. Someone in the gathering crowd was heard to say – ‘WTF – Hail Mary! What a f**king ass that is on that!’ as the Priest seemed to be wrestling with a woody that was protruding from the area around his nether loins. In the background sounds were coming from a nearby music record store as they played – Shake Ya Ass by Mystikal – my God this was unbelievable all that is now needed to complete this scenario has to be down to imagination in the hope that the Priest will ejaculate all over the naked ass of Courtnie Q!

Now let me tell if that or similar every happened and went viral  then all the Cardinals based at the Vatican would start voting for a new Pope when they held a Papal Conclave then as the puff of white smoke rose into the Rome night air indicating that the new Pontiff was to be Pope Courtnie of Plymouth!

WTF – How stupid is that diatribe of crap – but hey we got the point home about the Sexy Rear!

Courtnie Q Buttalicious Plymouth Petrolhead…


Buttalicious – meaning – Beautiful Posterior  – Sexy Rear – Cute Bum

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