What do you do for porn, same tired porn stars or new 3D Sex simulator?

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Have you ever thought what phrase is the most searchable on the Internet? I bet you know! Porn and sex of course. Thousands of people look for free adult videos, erotic galleries and naked girls. Unfortunately porn industry has slowed down recently. Videos are boring, all you can see is the same porn star with fake tits sucking enormous huge cock. The quality is good, but the content is not. Sometimes it is better to watch amateur clips, but here we have really poor quality. Do we have any alternative? Let’s see… We have an era of personal computers and mobile devices. Everything is much more powerful and faster than a few years ago. Graphic cards are strong enough to generate amazing animations in real time. In this case why can’t we change passive adult movies to interactive sex games? I am not talking about Leisure Suit Larry, Sex Olympics or Virtual Valerie. Today we can download true three-dimensional sex simulators. They are much better than passive animations where you can only watch scenes directed by graphic designers. New porn games bring incredible functionality and endless possibilities. If you have had enough of plastic porn actress with fake bodies, create your own 3D models. Yes, it is possible with the best sex simulations.

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Take a look at 3D SexVilla game, where you can build unique virtual girls and boys. It is totally up to you how they look like. Use advanced, but easy to use editors and start customization. There is no problem to change the whole face including eyes, lips, cheeks, ears, forehead, nose, chin. Open body editor and use sliders to customize each part of the model. Just select hands, legs, shoulders, belly and influence on them. If you can’t find a perfect slut in erotic clips, design her by enlarging boobs and ass shape in the game. The same with penis length and thickness. You are the boss here. Open your mind and use your deepest sex desires. When your models are ready dress them with sexy outfits. Use miniskirts, pantyhose, stockings, shorts, underwear, hats, masks, boots, high heel shoes, corsets, blouses, jeans and other cool uniforms. If you haven’t found a movie with your fetish fantasy, realize it here. Put on leather and rubber clothes, use chains, bondage, ropes, fucking machines, sex toys such as dildos, vibrators, anal plugs, bottles, etc. If you can’t find the tool you would like to use, just design it. Open the tool editor and move sliders to change size, length, curves, thickness and shape.

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Another cool feature of porn games is a possibility to play online. I am talking about multiplayer sex games. The best examples are 3D xChat and ChatHouse 3D. They support everything described above, but moreover a possibility to play with real people online. No matter where you live, there are hundreds of horny adults who look for virtual sex. You don’t have to go out to meet a perfect girlfriend or muscled guy. Create your 3D avatar and connect to the servers. Walk around, search for interesting people, visit sunny beach, yacht, swimming pool, night club, strip club. There are many places filled with nasty chicks ready to flirt. Talk about your desires, describe pervert fantasies. Maybe you will find some friends who fit your needs. Invite sex partners to virtual apartment and have crazy time together. Organize a sex party and change it into an unforgettable orgy. Do what you would do in real life: blowjobs, handjobs, doggy style, missionary fuck, footjob, try anal sex on the couch or next to the fireplace. Everything is possible here and ends with ‘happy end’. The newest sex games allow to forget about sad reality and realize things that are not reachable in daily life.

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Harry Styles Hits On Yvette Fielding 44 With Dirty Texts

It is the way of the world these days to report on third rate stars – wannabies – wags and a whole raft of 15 minutes of fame celebrities. Hence it comes as no surprise we are bringing breaking news on a young dude who definitely has no style or class, but he does have a small penis that he cannot keep zipped up in his tight pants. The tight pants were the giveaway as the fabric was taut around the crotch revealing a typical button sized Johnson that is the modern norm of the majority of UK white young men. They brag and wax lyrical that they are lotharios and expect women to flaunt in front of them on first glance. Most girls are fooled and they fall for this synthetic frontage laid out by the bragging dudes and all the raunchy sex chat – texts – SMSs and more that they dish up on a whim.

But when they hook the female ‘eye candy’ here is where it all starts to fall apart as once the introduction phase passes the girls want to be having a look and feel at the ‘Crown Jewels!’ but there it all ends when the Johnson is unzipped to find that out pops a thin button sized three point five inches of nothing much use than a tiny dick acting as a fanny opener at best…

More on the Harry Styles – Yvette Fielding story here – quote –  Ex Blue Peter presenter and Most Haunted host Yvette Fielding claims Harry Styles once sent her some “disgusting” text messages when he was just 16. – more – The 44-year-old star – who was 41 at the time – said that flirty Harry sent pure filth to her phone while they had a meal at a restaurant. – more – She revealed: “Harry was sending me disgusting texts from across the table. – more – “I can’t even repeat the words, they were so rude!” Attribution to TheSun.Co.Uk

Harry Styles is a member of a group called ‘One Direction’ very appropriate name that can be also used to describe this wimp’s penis that is so thin and short that it too is a ‘One Direction’ cock meaning the penis goes in and never even gets near the vaginal lips then spits and shrinks into a less than two inches nothing that falls out of the gaping pussy of all girls it meets…

One Direction cock yes that is right as once it is in it is no use to pull out in the other direction as it just spits – shrinks and falls out… What a load of bullshit merchants these third rate stars – wannabies – wags and a whole raft of 15 minutes of fame celebrities are…

Harry Styles Hits On Yvette Fielding 44 With Dirty Texts…

Dating Cost Tips Laid Bare

Dating Tips Laid Bare

Do you like the rubric pretty cool as we get under the wallet and undress the naked issues of how much it will cost a guy to take out a girl on the first date! Our findings are laid bare as it becomes apparent that dudes will do almost anything to keep the costs down in dating women. Bearing in mind that ultimately a date is a special occasion with naked and sexual expectations as the bottom line or crudely explained guys want to date – then see and engage in the beaver when the panties come down – yes it can be expensive to get the pants to come off. But it is internationally known as a dirty business dating for love that invariably turns into dating for sex – which is a dirty business but millions – Do It!

So here are some ways to manage dating costs…

  • Use coupons and if your girl is not impressed thinking that you are a ‘Cheap  Charlie’ so be it – get real this girl may not be the one for you – and rest assured if she is indifferent to your coupons you can almost guarantee that gambling your last dollar on her pants coming off will also be a sure fire loser too!
  • About 26 percent of people surveyed said they have used a coupon on a first date.
  • Nearly 26 percent of guys said they did not have sex on the first date.
  • Ironic that the no sex and the coupons stats are the same!
  • 12 percent of online daters said if their date used a coupon on a first date there would be no second.
  • 3% would tell their date his or her thriftiness was offensive.
  • 1% of girls would end the date there and then as soon as the coupon destroyed the date.

Dating Cost Tips Laid Bare…