Boost traffic to your adult website with this effective traffic generation technique

Boost Adult Site Traffic

Here are the facts: every second, approximately 370 Internet users type on search engines adult related keywords and other 28.250 visualise such content. With these demands and the millions of results already provided, competition is fierce. So here is what you should do to boost traffic on your own adult website:

Use to Generate Traffic and Links
Adult content is nothing without expressive images. However, you can use those images to gain traffic and backlinks by uploading them on, a free imagehost from where you can distribute the link on hundreds or thousands of other Internet pages like or to promote your ImageVenue loaded images.

Leave your Footprints on Adult Related Blogs

Using the search engines in order to find blogs with related content is another way of gaining a good backlink. Find a relevant article and post a smart, helpful comment. Don’t forget to include a backlink to your website.

This is a well-known long term strategy to gain traffic, as most people who read the blog post you’ve commented on, will also notice your useful interventions and follow the link you left in there.

Use Your Signature Where it can Makes a Difference

Adult webmaster communities and forums like and are perfect places for you to join and be active on, as most of them allows you to put a link in signature that will provide both traffic and a backlink. These links tend to get indexed in a matter of hours by the Search Engines.

Don’t forget about Video Submission

Submitting videos on tube websites is another great way of generating traffic. Regardless the content of your adult video – be it a two minutes erotic presentation or a juicy slide show to include all the benefits provided by your website -, it should be watermarked with the link towards your website, have a catchy title, optimise for your targeted keywords and finally be submitted to the most popular tube websites.

Submit to Blog Carnivals

These themed and period collections with numerous permalinks to other blog posts are a resource you should never overlook when trying to popularise your website. Finding a carnival theme closely related to your adult content blog may be a challenge, but once you do so, you will easily get new links to your blog.

Share Experience on Blog Networks or Marketing Groups

This is for you to learn from others’ experiences and interact with webmasters working in the same field. Of course, you will have to offer some tips in exchange, but do not underestimate the ideas you could put in practise from there.

Submit to Numerous Adult Social Bookmarking Sites

Last but not least, bookmarking sites like and will help you spread your stories on the Internet, being an effective way of reaching to your audience.

Submit Your Contents and Site to Adult Web Directories
Submitting your homepage or important pages of your website to adult web directory can give you strong backlinks and generate residual traffic. Adult web directoryadult web directory list at the appropriate sites.

Of course there are numerous other ways to drive traffic to adult dating sites, if there is a particular one you favour that is now on this article, please feel free to suggest it to us.

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