Bollywood Butt in White Pants and Tank Top

This superb classical derriere Bollywood beauty Katrina owns that one!

It is with enormous pleasure that we have at long last latched on to the bottom of the Indian butt market, the showcased image is essentially our, shall we say – ‘Indian Ass Debut!’

Plus it is neither too big or too small in fact it looks sensational and the white gear complements the package! That is the image package not the package that is rising up as male readers get into this Sexy Rear. Indian booties are special and as for selection I guess on the Indian continent there must be more than 400 million Indian bottoms on parade – in all sizes big and small with a plethora of bubble butts thrown in to the mix for one and all guys to feast the eyes upon.

This being the Sexy Rear ‘Indian Ass Debut’  we have high expectations that many more female Indian bums will very soon adorn our pages akin to a  Bollywood Ass Extravaganza.

As our avid readers know we have no appetite for porn here at Sexy Rear! But WTF one Indian film star said – quote – ‘I would love to nail that Indian beauty Katrina who is featured in Sexy Rear’ Hey that’s it I am out of here on hearing that I am going to search for more butt images of Katrina. Watch this space more butt images of this stunner to follow…

Summary on reflection all the guys here at Sexy Rear are of the opinion that Katrina in real life when one gets to know her, will find that she is addicted to ‘Large Portions of Helmet!’ That verdict is unanimous, with even lesbians concurring with our findings.

Bollywood Butt in White Pants and Tank Top…

Bollywood – meaning – The center of the Indian Movie Industry in Bombay – Attribution to SexyRear.Com

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