Black Beauty Bubble Butt Maybe the Finest Booty in the Universe

Maybe the eighth wonder of the world is the majestic Bubble Butt there is arguably no finer sight in African American culture than to view an ample sized booty! This very popular scenic event accentuates that there is so much to worship about the human body.

In fact Bubble Butts confirm that it is not all about vaginas and female breasts. No Sir! Any and every dude who thinks it is only about tits and fannies need to take a walk to where your viewing says – ‘Porn Only!’ To think that millions of men spend time looking at naked breasts and nude undraped pudendas in tens of thousands of porn movies is off the Richter Scale and may indeed be viewed as obscene.

Quite frankly there is no excuse for any man who does not appreciate a fine black bubble butt! Some guys may not be into big bootys which is just fine, but all men should at least appreciate the finer attributes of an ample sized black bottie

We can give you a real live example of a bubble butt in action courtesy of tennis superstar Serena Williams and here is where the appreciation comes in. To see in the flesh how Serena carts that bubble butt around a tennis court is a scene to behold. An achievement bordering on nigh on impossible to see such an ample sized bubble butt being moved around is simply amazing given that a low loader would be crippled with the weight of the bubble butt if it was moving it around

We may in fact unknowingly have added a new contender for the ninth wonder of the world namely seeing Serena Williams move around her delicious bubble butt with such poise and decorum!

Black Beauty Bubble Butt Maybe the Finest Booty in the Universe…

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