Big Upfront Annmarie Harris Ex Pink Gentleman’s Club Windsor Awarded £26,000 by Employment Tribunal

Big upfront ex night and gentleman’s club manager Annmarie Harris wins 26,000 pounds payout in Windsor unfair dismissal case. The Employment Tribunal is the venue for this somewhat alarmingly huge breasted affair that has showcased in all their glory the majestic double main headlamps of head turner the very tasty Annmarie Harris 38 years old ex manager of  Pink Gentleman’s Club and nearby bar Vanilla in Windsor  near the imposing castle.

Gee this lady is a stunner a super attractive English MILF with a cleavage that surely is a gift from heaven, celeb gossip rumor has it that when Annmarie Harris walks down Windsor High Street the traffic stops and the local bobbies  and traffic wardens we are led to believe that when they see the ‘Busty Headlamps on Main Beam’ they just stop and ogle!

The Employment Tribunal – Official Report – quote –
• Annmarie Harris was awarded compensation after a tribunal ruled she was unfairly dismissed from her job running two nightspots near Windsor Castle.
• Ms Harris, a former stripper
•    Unfair dismissal in January 2012
•    But she was suddenly fired in January by her former partner, the venues’ director Franco Lumba, who alleged that she had hit him with a diary.
•    Ms Harris was claiming unfair dismissal against FT Trading
•    Judge Jessica Hill, who headed the tribunal panel, told Ms Harris: ‘We find that you were dismissed unfairly and there was no obvious reason for the dismissal.’
•    The panel ruled that Ms Harris was owed unpaid wages and holiday pay and FT Trading had failed to issue her with written terms and conditions of her employment.

Interesting case but my goodness the story has to be all about the ‘TITS’ on Annmarie Harris.

Want  to see Annmarie Harris busting out of a tantric blue breast hammock check out ‘The Daily Mail’ NOW!

Big Upfront Annmarie Harris Ex Pink Gentleman’s Club – Windsor Awarded  £26,000 by Employment Tribunal…

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