Big Ass Future Warning

Guys need to read this feature down to the fine details as the future looks extremely gloomy for the showcased ‘Big Ass’

Big Ass Fact File
•    The Butt is too big
•    This image model is young early twenties and already her bottom is very challenging for any man to take on
•    Cellulite is queuing up to get onboard this derriere
•    Fat in large layers wants to settle on this obscene natiche, it is not pretty and will only get uglier as the fat piles on the kilos.
•    The showcased image is not a ‘Bubble Butt’ it is a very uninviting ‘Fat Ass’

Guys – dudes this is the warning no matter how much noise an image creates in your dick, the caveat emptor is, if you cannot keep control of your prick! Take this advice – get in quick bang it – and quickly get the f**k out of there as all the future holds for that ass is swathes of fats and layer upon layer of cellulite! You have been warned stop being ruled by your penis, because a penis has no brain, use your head not your foreskin this is big ass problem that you need to get to the butt of the fat and cellulite.

Learn more about your penis it is ‘Brain Dead’ and permanently ‘C**t Struck’ this is a life long condition that cannot be treated or cured, and at anytime the condition is in extreme danger of becoming addicted to ‘C**t’ There is respite viewing and reading ‘Sexy Rear’ will not accelerate ‘C**t Addiction’

Big Ass Future Warning…

Big Ass – meaning – Adjective for large in size. – more – Can also be used to describe other body parts that are large. – Attribution to UrbanDictionary.Com – Big Ass aka Fat Bum aka Huge Culo et al.

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