Austrian Matthias Maier Bonks Bronze Lion Statue in Ruse Bulgaria

Ruse aka Rousse or Russe
East Europe
Saturday, Nov 09, 2012

Our reporting objectives are to bring to our valued readers stories of interest from both UK and around the world, plus if we can add a humorous twist to any reporting – great – as that is a welcome bonus that we enjoy and almost always goes down well with our valued followers!

Well this story coming out of Ruse Bulgaria Eastern Europe is bizarre and hilarious. In the city center of Ruse there is bronze lion statue, anyway somehow the lifeless lion caught the eye of a drunken Austrian man who was passing by. Then 24 year old Matthias Maier dropped his trousers and pants and got astride the bronze lion and tried to mount the statue. Or colloquially as they say in the tardy UK tabloids – ‘the drunk dropped his drawers and bonked the lifeless bronze lion statue!’

However anyway you look at it – the lion was violated inhumanely and maybe even lost his virginity – who knows – to the drunken Austrian man Matthias Maier!

The police then moved in and arrested the bizarre rapist! He was then hauled in front of the courts where he was fined £20 for obscenity on a public place.

Just to add some respectability to the measly fine the judge topped off the fine with a one year suspended jail sentence. Here is the official line from the courts – quote – Matthias Maier pleaded guilty saying he was drunk and apologized saying he had never been in trouble before. The judge then laconically adjusted his bi-focals shrugged his shoulders, before handing down a one year suspended sentence and ordered Matthias Maier to pay costs of £20.

Thankfully the bronze lion statue seems to have recovered from the ordeal…

Austrian Matthias Maier Bonks Bronze Lion Statue in Ruse Bulgaria…

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