Aurora Killer Screwball had an Adult Dating Site Profile

This is obscene there is no place on  Adult Dating Sites for JOKERS!

What are the press trying to deliver into the minds of teenage girls and young women!

Are we expected to believe that a girl logs in to an Adult Dating Site hits on the profile of a dude with orange red hair then makes a date with the freak

Roll the tape – meet scenario – 22 year old leggy blonde stunner and up turns a guy dressed as batman joker from the movie “The Dark Knight Rises.” Complete with a gas mask and he is tooled up with several guns and an array of smoke and gas bombs
His opening gambit when he meets the girl – ‘Hi babe do you want to f**k a guy with red hair or would you like me to come alive as ‘The Joker’ and blow your f**king brains out’ – more – ‘The choice is yours honey RED or DEAD!’
Come on let us have a 2012 reality check is this BS for real! Man am I square or something as I do not believe that this crap is true because we never get jerks like this joining Very Naughty Dating or Saucy Dating sites

We have posted a potpourri of clips of news that we have sourced in the press and on the Internet over the last few days. However the reports that have been published have not in our opinion been validated and/or verified, hence we consider all the content herein either lies – gossip or just tardy hearsay

Caveat Emptor
Similar profiles submitted to Very Naughty Dating or Saucy Dating sites, would never go live as the profile would be deleted by the admin meaning there is NO chance of the profile being published!

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Aurora Killer Screwball had an Adult Dating Site Profile…

James Eagan Holmes, 24, had profiles on both the dating website and the casual sex website Adult Friend Finder. – Attribution to The Lame Stream Press

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