Asian Thai ‘Tut’ Spotted in Bangkok Thailand

One more showcased Asian Thai ‘Tut’ that we came across in Bangkok Thailand. In fashion and adult modeling circles there was a study carried out on butts and vaginas in Asia. The statistics revealed some interest results
•    Over 85% of girls in the fashion and adult modeling circles have a shaved pudenda.
•    Over 85% of Thai ‘Tuts’ are small to petite with only 15% of a size similar to the showcased image.
•    Asia is one of the leading regions in the world for petite derrieres and here at  ‘Sexy Rear’ the more small perky backsides we see the better we like it!

One pundit asked recently whether a Bubble Butt or an Asian Thai ‘Tut’ which was better equipped to deal with a big pounding nail? Everyone who follows ‘Sexy Rear’ knows we are not able to answer questions of a pornographic nature.

So shall we address the question this way in saying that we have seen thousands of Asian girls with small cute asses accommodating  huge black schlongs with  enthusiasm and orgasmic ecstasy! Enough said on that subject I guess!

From over fifteen years of living in Asia one learns that no matter how petite or slim a girl is she will never lack enthusiasm for cock, often the bigger the better.

The Asian population stood at 4,164,252,000 in 2010 divide that by two and that leaves approximately two billion females, deduct say half a billion for underage girls and another half a billion as being too old. Have no worries that still leaves over a billion Asian cuties many of whom will have pert cute ‘Túnbùs’ as they say in China!

Watch this space because we will be posting more Asian derrieres on ‘Sexy Rear’ very soon!

Asian Thai ‘Tut’ Spotted in Bangkok Thailand…

Tut – meaning – Thai word for bottom – Ass – Buttocks – Booty – etc etc

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