Anyone in UK Yet Seen a WAG wearing a Bra Made in Austria 600 Years Ago

For centuries there has been discussion on ‘Who Wears the Trousers’ in the traditional man and woman family unit ( boy-boy and girl-girl family units excluded) sometimes it is the man, often it is the woman, but thank goodness not all family issues are that complex. Because we now have further proof going back at least 600 years that women always wear underwear.

Proof of this has recently been unearthed in an Austrian Castle the discovery of 600 year old linen bras and similar fabric underpants as they were called in days gone by.  On looking at the showcased image it is exhilarating to see that the 600 year old bra and panty set are actually shall we say quite sensual and one could even go to the level of describing the female underwear as arousingly sexy! While at the same time exuding vibes that maybe the men in that era were not all stone age sexual antagonists because the 600 year old panties would need some caring and soft hands to untie and lower the panties to reveal the adored nether loins based Stratified Squamous Epithelium aka vagina! In fact the panty image would not look out of place in 2012 spread across The Sun UK tabloid modeled by some of today’s top celebrities like – Imogen Thomas – Katie Downes – Jodie Marsh and many more WAGs and 15 minutes of fame celebs.

After all these girls have Stratified Squamous Epitheliums that need to be covered up, and what better way than in 600 year old linen panties, why because they are always in defensive mode to keep out stone age  sexual antagonist legends like Wayne Rooney – Mario Balotelli Barwuah aka Mario Balotelli and the likes of serial fornicators ala John Terry – Ryan Giggs – Ashley Cole and more…

The finding of a 600 year old brassiere is amazing because historians were of the belief that the bra replaced the all embracing corset only about one hundred years ago! But the opinion that the panties were in fact worn by only women is ongoing because records were convinced that girls in the main did not wear underpants they were simply wearing dresses, skirts and no pants – with the vaginal Stratified Squamous Epithelium all alone on it’s own ‘Al Fresco!’ So the jury is still out on the panties as some believe they were in fact 600 year old jock straps worn by men.

Curators at the Austrian Castle where the 600 year old linen underwear was found released this quip to the press – quote – “We didn’t believe it ourselves,” – more –  “From what we knew, there was no such thing as bra-like garments in the 15th century.”

Surprising data there will be more breaking news on this story watch this space!

600 year old Linen Bras found in Austrian Castle…

Anyone in UK Yet Seen a WAG wearing a Bra Made in Austria 600 Years Ago….

Stratified Squamous Epithelium – meaning – This type of epithelium is well suited to areas in the body subject to constant abrasion, as it is the thickest and layers can be sequentially sloughed off and replaced before the basement membrane is exposed. It forms the outermost layer of the skin and the inner lining of the mouth, esophagus, and vagina – Attribution to Wikipedia.Org

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