Amy Lu Big Up Front and Big Bum

Amy Lu is a 20 year old well known nude model who has showcased for The Sun Page 3 – Nuts Magazine –  and many more. This foxy imp first came to notoriety when one day out cascaded a pair of 30E bazookas! They are alleged to have caused such a commotion in the film studio that one of the cameramen was knocked off balance by one of these mammaries anyway he hit the floor face down and started spinning like a top. There was then a tremendous outburst of laughing when folks noted the centre of fulcrum for his spinning act was his aroused penile woody. Yes the dude had got so aroused by seeing Amy Lu stark bollock naked that he could not help himself and succumbed to the wishes of his dick and get an almighty hard on! So there you have it a dude on the floor spinning like a top using his prick as the center of gravity. Amazing how irresponsible an untrained penis can be!

But hey this girl has another woody provoker she has one of the best butts in the UK – how do I know I have seen it in the raw – hence no photoshop – and let me tell you she has a majestic posterior arguably one of the finest derrieres in Europe.

There is a lot of street talk going around that Amy Lu is prone to talk like an Irish navvy – quote – “I don’t have a problem with boys talking to my boobs, have a look if you want!” Based on that rhetoric one has to ask if a dude wanted slide his dick up the crack in her ass – Would She Say – Come on  big boy cut out the cackle and show me what you can do with that monster of a cock. Oh my goodness until I heard what she was like I was thinking of inviting her to the Ritz Hotel for afternoon tea and scones with my grandmother! Now WTF it will have to be a mug of coffee down the Old Kent Road with me alone! Just shows that a cracking ass can f**k up your plans for the day

Amy Lu Big Up Front and Big Bum…

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