African Vs European Women – Who Has The Sexiest Rear?

There is no doubt that African women have a bigger rear when compared to European women. What makes a rear sexy is not just about the size of it, it is also in how it is shaped and how it looks under the clothes that a woman is wearing.
Sexy is different to different people, and what one person finds to be sexy the next person may not. It all boils down to preference. However, the butt of an African woman is very sexy hands down. It is a huge turn on, it is bigger and it is something that almost invites you to want to touch it.

It is emerging now that not only do men love bigger and sexier butts, that there is actually a science behind it. A woman with a bigger butt is a woman who is seen as having the potential to give birth to a baby and who is better equipped to feed a child. Most men who are looking to have children look for women who are capable to have children and be able to feed those children, so this is also a very attractive trait for men.

A sexy butt gives a man something to squeeze or hold. Because African woman are curvier, their butts are also nicely shaped, and this is an attraction for a lot of men. European women tend to have smaller butts, with smaller meat on them. Therefore, this tends to diminish the shape and how much of it you can actually tap on and enjoy.
Very few European women have the kind of rear that the likes of Jennifer Lopez have, it is sexy, it is big and it is nicely shaped. Men just cannot help but drool over it because to the eye it is very appealing. That is why they keep saying that she has an African rear, and which men can say no to a rear like that?

A sexy rear also brings the possibility of a huge turn on in bed as well as a great sexual encounter. African woman are voluptuous, and so is their rear. It is very sexy. The way the body of an African woman is structured, together with the hips and the butt, completes the sexy look of the woman. Also, the walk also contributes to how the butt appears sexy.
This is a huge plus for the men, because just looking at the butt, it is a great turn on. An African woman does not have to do much to get a man aroused, as 1 in 4 guys gets turned on by the butt. This gives the woman a head start when it comes to getting a guy aroused. African women with the hour glass figure and sexy rear beat European woman hands down.
So go ahead and look around you. Check out the women around you and their rears and decide what gives you the most pleasure to watch.

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