A Typical Male Community with a Female Ass Appreciation Society

Ass Appreciation Society

You will find groups of men that gather together in millions of locations around the world and form their very own ‘Ass Appreciation Society’

This is a typical group

Chairman and Founder – Mr I Luv to Put my Face in Butts

Secretary – Mr Butt Tweeter

Treasurer – Mr Butt Twinky

Committee and Senior Members

Mr Hanky Panky

Mr Spanky

Mr Wanky Dribbler

And many more including a plumber if needed – by the way you can nickname him – The Doctor!

Rules and Regulations

All male members must be in awe of the female buttocks – now – forever and always! We keep strictly to admiration and devotion to all the female bums in the world. Each member if asked or demanded will agree to pay homage to the derriere on request. In fact all members must be devoted slaves to all the beautiful female asses in the world.

Ass Appreciation Society – Membership Acceptance Test

Each male applying for membership will be required to perform the following test in the presence of ‘Chairman and Founder – Mr I Luv to Put my Face in Butts’ or his equivalent grade at every individual location. The test is that the applicant must bring along either his wife – lover – sex gik or NSA girlfriend or other girl. The girl then strips off and the man must give her ass an explosive full face rimming that lasts not less than ten minutes

A Typical Male Community with a Female Ass Appreciation Society…


Rimming – meaning – The act of using one’s tongue on the anal rim of another person in order to gain and/or give sexual pleasure. – more – Insertion of the tongue is not necessary. Circular motions in the clockwise directions are supposedly better in the Northern hemisphere, and anti-clockwise ones in the Southern. – Attribution to UrbanDictionary.Com

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