34 Percent of Women Wish Sex Lasted Longer

Oh dear guys, men are in the spotlight one more time this time though this is serious as women are demanding more sex and longer sex. The lack of such requests being met has meant that the blame is being hurled into men with the demand and expectation that they get erect and do something about the – 34 Percent of Women Wish Sex Lasted Longer!

This is a long standing problem that woman have had to endure quite simply because the average man’s penis does not stand up long enough during sex to satisfy about one third of all the women in the world. This is a dick of a problem if ever I have heard one, and as such by pricking it will not make this flaccid dilemma go away.

Some women have become so frustrated with men that they have opted for an alternative solution provider they buy big fresh bananas and use them liberally and frequently to insert into female vaginas to ensure that the banana can do what the penis is incapable of staying stiff enough – long enough to enable the majority of women to reach vaginal orgasm.

It’s a hell of a demand on the Banana – but the reality is that it is very messy job, that can even get bloody at times, so the Banana fits the gash as if it gets a bit too gooed up the pudenda can eject the yellow pile driver and replace with a fresh new alert one!

There is a danger for men in the UK to be aware of if ever the supply of fresh bananas drops in the market men will be back in demand and they had better be ready and standing to attention as there is going to be one hell of a demand for cock coming from millions of women in  the UK.

34 Percent of Women Wish Sex Lasted Longer…

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